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Leslie Loughran


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Here is a list of great art software that I recommend to my students and their families.  Some of it is free, downloadable from the Internet and others can be purchased. 

Artweaver 0.5

This is a free downloadable software that works well with Windows.  Students start with a digital picture (it could be one they've drawn and photographed or a photograph they've taken or one they've downloaded from the Internet) and use painting tools from pencils and crayons to paint brushes and spray paint to modify that picture.  There are also special techniques, like the Van Gogh technique that I used to modify this picture of my son.  Click on the text below to go to the site to download this software.


Thomas's picture:


Thomas's picture w/Van Gogh technique:



This is probably the most used children’s drawing software and with good reason.  It was originally designed for kids to draw with because Paint was too hard, then they’ve continued to upgrade the software over the years, adding slide shows, animation, movie makers, music and sound and with this latest version, a compatibility with Apple that lets you download the videos you’ve created to your iPod…how fun is that.  It is simple to use and gives the student verbal hints and directions if they’re struggling with something.  The graphics are great. 



This is a great interactive program for kids.  They use Shidonni's simple drawing and painting program to create a character and a habitat.  Shidonni will animate their character and take it on adventures.  This site requires membership, but the basic software is free.  You can download an upgraded paid version.



Do you know about any great art software for students aged 6-12?  If so, please send me an email about it!