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Leslie Loughran


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Here is a list of great art sites I've discovered that I recommend to my students and their families.  There are museum sites, sites about artists, sites with art activities and sites that display student artwork.  Enjoy!

The National Gallery of Art has an amazing web site, one of my favorites for kids and families!  It's called NGA Kids, Adventures with Art-Activities and Projects and has links to exhibits in the museum, online interactive art activities, a collage machine, and projects that are changed and updated on a regular basis. Click on the words below to link to this site.

NGA Kids

Tumbletail's Art Masterpiece center is a wonderful site for students who are interested in learning about artists, seeing a sampling of their work and learning about other links that will provide them with more information.  This is written for elementary aged students and easy to use and understand.  Click on the words below to link to this site.


If you like making origami, then this is your web site.  This is the most complete origami folding web site I've ever seen.  The directions are clear and step by step...start with some of the projects labeled EASY then work your way up to MEDIUM, etc... There's even music to listen to as you fold and an Oriland Kingdom you can visit where everything is made from Origami.  Click on the word below to link to this site.


This site has two sections, A. Pintura art detective, an interactive art story where students try to identify a stolen painting and The Artist's Toolkit.  In the toolkit, students work with the elements and principals of art--learning the definitions, finding and identifying them in art and using them to create their own artwork.  Click on the words below to link to this site.

Art Detective and TOOLKIT